Water Flow Tech



Water Flow-Tech is an Israeli technology company that develops worldwide-patented innovative controllers, which revolutionize flow-metering functionality at low water flows, detect low flows leaks and alerts in real time, solve Non Revenue Water problem, save water Loss and energy.  We do smart water IoT technology for Smart Cities and utilities.


The Outcomes of Our Technology

We revolutionize flow-metering functionality at low water flows

We save water Loss and energy

We solve Non Revenue Water problem creating income from new registration of water meters at low flow rates (today unregistered, not billed)

We help create a better water metering

Water Loss

Household water meters tend not to measure low water flows caused by leaks due to broken taps, poor aging pipes, bad water maintenance at homes and offices, poor quality of underground assets and pressure changes that cause pipe bursts and more. Water meters become less accurate due to sudden and intermittent changes in the pipe pressures, they age and filled with scale and not maintained or changed on time.  Leaks lead to Water Loss in the system reaching 5%-25% of total water supply to residential users.

These small leaks remain unnoticed for a long time.  Today, the small low flows causing leaks are unnoticed since there is no device or system on the market that can detect these leaks and alert utilities and customers online as they actually happen. The leaks keep going until they form damages to properties and noticed after a long time.

Non-Revenue Water

Customers are unbilled for this water Loss and utilities lose 10%-15% in incomes. As a result, some utilities charge customers with wrong illegal bills. Unregistered low water flows lead to water thefts.

Solving Non-Revenue Water Problem at Low Flows

The Low Flow Controller installed to any volumetric water meter will provide the water meter the ability to measure low water flows from the first drop which today is unregistered. Utilities will be able to bill and generate higher incomes from new registered water and gain lost incomes.

Building Intelligence Into Water Metering & Leaks Detection

  • Water is the most important energy source on Earth
  • Water utilities are under pressure due to the rising cost of labor and energy and are focusing their attention on improving operational efficiencies
  • Smart Cities framework aim at helping cities meet the citizens needs using the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • With our Low Flow Controllers we provide new choices in low flow measurement technologies, utilities can improve cost and gain revenue advantages from our advanced leaks detection controllers technologies that:
  •  Capture more revenue by performing accurately measuring of low flows
  •  Reduce the cost of operating the meters
  •  Lessen energy consumption over the life cycle of the meter
  • Reduce water Loss, wasted energy and repair costs through superior leak detection and by proactive notification of trouble conditions

The Market

As governments and cities improve public services, Smart Cities framework aimed at helping cities better meet the needs of their citizens using the Internet of Things (IoT).  Water scarcity and its high costs promote conservation initiatives and more accurate billing is needed. Smart Cities and water utilities adopt water technologies to increase efficiency in preventing water Loss, save energy costs and control and improve the environment. Water utilities gather more data and improve their daily operations ultimately deploying solutions that could help cities address critical issues like Water Loss and Energy Saving. Currently there are approximately 1 billion water meters globally of which 65% are volumetric.  With 5-10 years of life cycle, there is a constant need to replace at least 10% of installed water meters yearly.  Annual market growth of water meters is ca. 150m units, with an estimated value of $3bn. Water utilities are adopting smart meter technology driven by the rising prices of energy and need to increase efficiency in water grids, expecting to worth 11.9 billion Euros by 2020 in Europe only for meter manufacturers, installers and network and data management companies.

The Water Flow Tech Technology Advantages

Water Flow Tech’s Low Flow Controllers are a great technology to water utilities and smart cities providing a cost-effective solution to the water metering industry. By optimization of water measurement and diminishing Non Revenue Water, all water is charged. Online alerts, in real time, detecting leakages will be sent by the Smart LFC  resulting in elimination of water Loss, theft detection and property damage prevention. Utilities will not need to purchase highly accurate and more expensive meters. Water meter’s life is extended, replacement due to inaccuracy of aging meters will be postponed. The Low Flow Controller durability, flexibility and sustainability is higher than any other product. It is also a non-return valve, with highest performances and least pressure drop on the market today.